Gradering enligt Forbes & Walker

1. Flowery OP Long, twisted, wiry leaf with some tip (Irrespective of elevation)
2. Flowery BOP 1 Long, twisted, wiry leaf, fairly tippy, some bold leaf
3. Flowery BOP More mixed than Flowery BOP 1 and with less tip content
4. Flowery BOPF 1 Fairly leafy and tippy
5. Flowery BOPF Medium leafy and tippy
6. Flowery BOPF ‘Special’ Bolder leaf with showy tip
7. Flowery BOPF ‘A’ Mixed leaf with some tip but smaller than FBOPF
8. Flowery BOPF ‘Extra Special’ This grade could be of any size but must have an attractive show of silver or golden tip with little or no black leaf
9. B O P Well made, neat leaf of medium size without excessive fibre or stalk
10. B O P F Fairly clean, neat leaf, grainy but smaller than BOP grade
11. BOP Clonal A BOP, predominantly made out of clonal leaf
12. B O P F Clonal A BOPF, predominantly made out of clonal leaf
13. B O P 1 Well twisted, leafier than a BOP but not as leafy as an OP
14. B O P 1A More mixed than a BOP 1 and a leafy grade
15. O P 1 Long, well twisted, wiry leaf
16. O P Is not as well twisted as an OP1
17. O P ‘A’ Similar in size to OP but loosely twisted and inferior to OP in appearance
18. Flowery Pekoe Shotty, even, well made grade with or without tip but true Pekoe leaf
19. Pekoe More open leaf and less shotty than a Flowery Pekoe
20. Broken Pekoe A choppy, hard leaf
21. Broken Pekoe Fannings A mixed, fibry Fannings leaf with a choppy appearance
22. Fannings Flakier in style than a BOPF and could contain more uneven leaf and some fibre
23. Broken Mixed Is flaky, mixed leaf, inferior to a Broken grade
24. Pekoe Fannings Fairly even, flaky grade and cleaner than Fannings grade
25. Dust 1 Smaller than a BOPF, even, grainy, well made and reasonably clean
26. Dust Similar in size to a Dust 1, a little inferior and not as clean and could also contain some flaky leaf
27. Dust 2 Powdery and fibrous

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